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An Update from the Farnhams

Update ? Mike ? Not bouncing back from his hospital stretch This is my Facebook update. Most of my Facebook family consists of friends from all of the different churches we have served at including Circle Drive. I am so thankful for this tool to be able to call on them for prayer. Overall Facebook is a happy place filled with fun stuff. I appreciate them allowing me to use it for our prayer needs on this journey. I know many of you are following my Facebook updates, but this is for those of you who do not use Facebook. The following is just a piece of the iceberg. Mike is still dealing with hallucinations and still sleeping on a mattress on the floor because of it. He tries to get out of bed some nights?thankfully not every night. Just now I tucked him into his bed on the floor. We raise the side rail on the hospital bed and that is what Mike holds onto to lower his bum down to the mattress on the floor. This time, instead of lowering his bum down to the mattress he hiked his long leg over the rail to climb into the hospital bed. I NEVER KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT NEXT! His mind is so confused. During the daytime he often forgets his recliners are both power lifts. He works up a sweat several times a day trying to get the foot rest down manually. Thankfully he is not confused all the time. Mikes eyes look terrible. He rubs them extremely hard with his fingertips. You would think his eyeballs would pop. Sometimes he rubs hard enough that his eyelashes on his lids roll on the inside of his eyes. His eyes still look like pinkeye and are draining. He has had pinkeye or severely irritated eyes since around January 17. I seldom can figure out what he is trying to say. I am never sure of the topic?or if it is real or imagined. Yesterday he talked ALL DAY about a dog he saw in our backyard ?doing his business.? BUT?he supposedly saw this dog in the middle of the night with the window blinds closed and him in bed. That was the night I tried letting him sleep in the hospital bed, again. He was climbing off the end of the bed to take care of the dog he was hallucinating about at 4:00 in the morning. If I cannot figure out what he is trying to say I just thank him and assume he said that I look like I have lost weight. He is harder to move now which means I have to be more careful than ever not to hurt my back. He has zero balance. I move him with the help of his walker. Mike cannot use his computer anymore, and only listens to the TV while looking at the ceiling. Since he has a feeding tube now, he is not enjoying the taste of food, either. I told him GOD did not give him a great cook for a wife so he would not miss it. He can take a few tiny bites of milk shake, cheesecake, and other things as long as I have the right consistency. He is usually through after about five little bites. In the mornings I play his Bible on CD in the bedroom while we get ready for the day. I bought him a new CD set for Christmas. ?The Bible Experience? (NIV) has over 400 voices narrating it. We are enjoying it. My hope and hearts desire is to be able to care for Mike and keep him safe at home until JESUS calls him to his forever home. To do this I need lots of JESUS, lots of angels protecting him, lots of wisdom, lots of patience, lots of grace, lots of mercy?and maybe a little chocolate. When Mike was in the hospital struggling with the side effects of no vision because of pinkeye GOD gave me the strength to sit by him and say some things I wanted to and needed to say without blubbering. One of the things I talked about was his loved ones he would be seeing, again. Then I said, ?When I get there you better be the first face I see.? My pastor-husband then held up two fingers. I replied, ?OK, the second face I see.? He was listening. In 1973 I met Mike on Friday the 13th. He asked me to marry him 11 days later?got married two months after that. This month the 13th falls on Friday. FRIDAY the 13th is a holiday to us! Wahoo! I am praying and waiting expectantly for extra special blessings on that day. Thank all of you from the depths of our souls for your prayers and encouragement. We love you! Sandy Farnham