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An Update from Sandy Farnham

I have just received this update from Sandy Farnham. Mike's celebration of life service was amazing and GOD-glorifying. Kathy and I attended the celebration of life service, as well as Wayne and Lori Cantwell, Ross and Natalie Jagers, and Ed McGee. Continue to pray for Sandy and her family!! Hi Dr. Mike and my wonderful church family, My prayers were answered...I was able to care for him at home until he went HOME. He met JESUS face to face sometime during the night while I was sleeping. When I was still working I'd come home and give him a big kiss. He would always say, "I'm so glad you're home." On Sunday morning, March 1st, when I woke up I knew he had been with JESUS for a while. I was then able to kiss him on the forehead and say, "I'm so glad you're HOME." This is our son, Matt, tucking his 5 yr old little girl into bed this past Sunday night. "So Daddy, did Grandpa get to meet God face to face? (Yes, baby he did). Did he get to see Jesus walk? (Yes, baby he did). I bet Grandpa reached out and touched Jesus and when Grandpa touched Jesus, Grandpa was healed (Me, now teary eyed) ... You know Daddy, just like in the Bible when that lady reached out and touched Jesus' clothes and she got healed." I thank God so much for how He can use a little 5 year old to encourage me and my whole family this week. Our kids and I were so blessed by how many of you flew in from Circle for the celebration. The celebration was everything I hoped and prayed it would be. We had over 300 in attendance. WE CELEBRATED MIKE'S HOMECOMING! Dr. Mike, on behalf of the family, challenged those in attendance to do an act of kindness in memory of Mike. I'm hoping to hear about some of them. The entire celebration was recorded. I will mail a copy to Dr. Mike when they are ready...along with some of Mike's handouts. This Saturday all of our kids will go with me to the cemetery and we will place Mike's urn in a beautiful wall vault...where my ashes will join his one day. In my fragile emotional state, the enemy messed with me after Mike was cremated...saying, "All evidence of his existence was gone." I ran crying to JESUS who tenderly reminded me, ?IT'S JUST ANOTHER LIE!? Evidence of Mike's existence is in his children, the lives he touched, and especially those he introduced to JESUS. It?s now been 10 days. With the busyness of details and lots of family and friends I have not yet had a good solid cry. Things like pictures, comments, memories... are now starting to rip at my heart. Each day brings new firsts. Today I had to check the box "widowed," then someone called me "Mrs." Farnham and I realized I wasn't. There's a big empty place in my heart. I'm trying so hard to fill every corner of it with JESUS. This is the chapter of this journey I knew would one day come. I felt dread as it drew closer, I knew it was going to be filled with deep pain...and there is no way around it, only through it. I?m looking forward to next week when everyone gets back to their own normal lives so I can just sit in the quiet with JESUS and cry as long as I want. Many of you know this pain and understand. I'm so thankful I have JESUS and you walking with me. I told my kids that I did not need them to drop off the grand kids to cheer me up. They all told me I didn't know what I was saying...that I was not thinking straight. I figured I better nip that one right up front! The little stinkers are pretty cute though. Still choosing JOY...even through the pain. I love you, Sandy