Welcome to the CDBC Student page!  CDBC Student Ministry is a place where you can connect with other students who are just like you.  As you explore the pages and links you will discover that you are not alone in the craziness that is “your life.”  That is what CDBC Student Ministries is all about.  Helping you to connect first with God (to know God) and then with His people (to make Him known)Are you ready?

Underground is our mid-week gathering where students from 6th-12th grades can come and experience God in a real and relevant way.  We meet in the lower level of the church. Where else, but Underground? Come connect with friends and new faces while you experience Christ through games, giveaways, music and most importantly, God’s Word.  We meet every Wednesday from 6:15-7:45 in the pm.  Come and be a part of the Underground experience!

Sunday School is our small group Bible study time.  It starts every Sunday morning at 9:00. “That is too early and I don’t have time to eat breakfast,” you say.  Never fear, we have donuts.  Each Sunday, we begin with a lesson that will help you to understand who God is and the purpose He has for YOU. Our Sunday School setup is uniquely different in that we meet in one large room but are divided up by round tables.  There is an empty chair for you at a table full of students just like you.  We can’t wait to see you on Sunday!

Connections happens every Sunday night from 6-7 and is a place for all students in middle school and high school to connect with God understand how to read the Bible. Each week we continue to walk through a book of the Bible and dig deep, asking tough questions so that we may understand who God is and His purpose for our lives.  Do you want to go deeper? Then Connections is a perfect fit for you.