Welcome!  We are here for you and your families. Our sole purpose is to serve, to serve as our Lord served. You are first. This is an exciting time for the LORD's Ministry as we are witnessing GOD move in amazing ways. We hope that you will join us for worship and growth in numerous facets of study and classes.

Every aspect of this ministry is designed for Military service members, Veterans, and their families. Everyone involved has served or is a spouse. Everyone involved is a close knit family, we would love to have y'all as a part of our family.

We offer classes and in depth studies on Christian living, outings, service member, and family/spouse events. GOD has connected us to the entire community in ways beyond imagination.  We can help and assist y'all in numerous ways to get truly connected in the community and help you find the hope, healing, and peace that is needed. 

Let us serve you, whether in a class or on a trip designed for your healing. We hold nothing back, JESUS held nothing back, speaking the truth at all times. We do the same and hope you find a church home here. Our mission is JESUS's mission, the GREAT COMMISSION, our goal to make disciples. Welcome, we look forward to serving you!


There are resources available to you and your family!