Our History



CIRCLE DRIVE BAPTIST CHURCH was started as a mission of First Southern Baptist Church in the winter of 1953 at 907 Alexander Highway, which was, at that time, the home of Rev. Thomas Stewart and his family. In 1954 the mission moved and started meeting in a room above the fire station on Platte Avenue.

On May 11, 1954 the mission was organized into a church with 20 charter members - The Second Baptist Church. Circle Drive Baptist Church praises and thanks GOD for their vision as they met to organize the church. They made great sacrifices to organize Circle Drive Baptist Church and the hearts of its members are grateful to these dear people.

Application was made for affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention. On August 25, 1954 the church voted to purchase two acres of land to build a building. On January 19, 1955 the church voted to change the name of the church to East Side Baptist Church. During March, 1955 ground breaking was held and construction on the building was started. The cornerstone for East Side Baptist Church was laid in August, 1955 and the parsonage was started during the spring of 1956.

During the next few years many Pastors came on the field, but it was hard to financially support a pastor.

Brother M.P. Bishop was the first pastor after the church was organized.  Church members often brought in food on Sunday to help meet the needs of the Pastor and his family. M.P. Bishop resigned as pastor in September, 1956. He moved to the Ft. Worth - Dallas area and established the Fielder Road Baptist Church, one of the great churches in our convention today.

Following Brother Bishop, Roy Corley and Jack Redford served as pastors.

Rev. Bill Austin was called as pastor and arrived on the field September 7, 1958. He served until March 8, 1962 when he resigned to go to First Baptist Church of Thornton, Colorado.

On April 15, 1962 the church voted to call Rev. George Ray as pastor. On January 16, 1964 the church decided to change its name to Circle Drive Baptist Church. After Brother Ray came as pastor the church experienced a large growth in Sunday School and voted to build an educational building. Ground breaking was April 12, 1964 and the building was ready to move into on October 4, 1964 with a record attendance in Sunday School of 264. 

In 1968, Brother Ray resigned and the church called Dr. E. Lewis Adkison as pastor. He came as pastor April 1, 1968. About a year after Pastor Adkison's coming, the old building began to fill up and thoughts for a new auditorium, more classrooms, and a "reaI kitchen" began to materialize. The church broke ground for the new building on February 4, 1973 and moved into the new facilities March 5, 1974.

On July 1, 2000 Dr. Adkison - "Preach" - retired after serving as Senior Pastor for 32 years. Dr. Mike Routt was called as Lead Pastor February 10, 2002. Dr. Mike, Kathy, and their daughters, Rachel, Holly, and LeeAnn came to Colorado from Kentucky where he served as Lead Pastor of the Rose Hill Baptist Church. Dr. Mike is the current pastor of the church.

Through the years there has been growth in many ministries - Youth Camp, Holy Week Services, AWANA program, Children's Ministries, Living Christmas Tree, Thanksgiving Outreach, Vietnamese outreach and Korean outreach. In April, 2003 the Church took a great step of faith and started "One Church - Two Locations." There was the "Central Campus", 801 North Circle Drive, and the "Northeast Campus" (which met in Timberview Middle School). Dr. Mike Routt preached at both locations on Sunday.

In November 2004, the church started a three year capital fundraising campaign called "His Vision - Our Legacy". Through this, plans were made to improve the church building and GOD was leading the church to build a more permanent building for the second location. Then, in August 2005, Circle Drive Baptist Church merged back to one location. "His Vision - Our Legacy" was continued in hopes of one day building a second location. At the end of 2007, "His vision - Our Legacy" came to a close.

On August 9, 2009, GOD performed a miracle in providing 35 acres of property at the corner of Marksheffel and Bradley Roads for future ministry.  The church paid $1,350,000 in cash for property that appraised at $3,583,000.

On January 3, 2010, a Guiding Coalition was appointed to meet, pray, and determine GOD’s will in regard to future usage of this new 35 acre property. After 5 months of prayer, study, and deliberation, the Guiding Coalition recommended that the church relocate their entire campus to this new location.  On Sunday, May 2, 2010, the church voted with a 92% majority to approve the recommendation.

In the following months, two teams were appointed:  The Master Planning Team and the Capital Fund Raising Team.   The first team was tasked with determining GOD’s will in regard to the future usage of the 35 acres, including Phase I of the relocation.  The second team was given the assignment to discover GOD’s will in regard to raising funds for Phase I.

In March 2011, our Circle Drive family voted by a 92% majority to approve the recommendation of Phase I of our new campus as proposed by our Master Planning Team. 

Then the Capital Fund Raising Team “rolled out” REACH, a 3 year capital fund-raising campaign to help us finance this 52,000 sq. ft., $10.5 million dollar facility.  Through church family giving, financing, the sale of the “old campus,” and outside gifts, the church embarked on this faith journey to raise the funds necessary for the construction of Phase I.

GOD has been good to Circle Drive Baptist Church. The church started with 20 members. Today there are a few thousand members, over 6,000 additions by transfer of membership, and over 5,000 precious souls have been baptized - making the total additions over 10,000. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!

Yes, some people had a dream several years ago. Today Circle Drive Baptist Church has moved from the little church on the comer of Dale and Maizeland (now Circle Drive) where 10 to 30 people would be in attendance (and where the church had to vote in regular "business meeting" to allow the Pastor to have a key to the post office box) to a larger church where people gather each Sunday to study GOD's Word and to share the love of JESUS throughout our community. A young soldier from Ft. Carson described the philosophy of Circle Drive Baptist Church one day when he said, "It's the biggest church I've ever been in that has the caring spirit and love of a small church."

As the church looks to the future there will be many changes - but with GOD's help and guidance the goal of Circle Drive Baptist Church will still be to boldly present the Gospel and to love and minister to people everywhere.