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Thanksgiving Feast 2016

The Thanksgiving Feast 2016 is now history!  I praise our great GOD for His people called "Circle Drive Baptist Church."  This wonderful church family has again hosted this annual event.  Over 100 members of CDBC served in some capacity today.  These servants, as well as our church as a whole, donated 43 turkeys, 106 pies, 121 mens coats, 94 women's coats, and 179 kid's coats, along with caps, gloves, and other winter apparel.  The total number of persons served today was 581.  What a privilege and joy it was to serve every person who attended.  I know some of our members shared the gospel with attendees today.  I had the joy of sharing the plan of salvation with a 21 year old.

JESUS once declared, "I have not come to be served, but to serve....  I am so blessed to be lead pastor of a people of GOD who truly possess this heart of service.  So today was a most wonderful day in which our church family served JESUS and people.  To GOD be the glory!