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Thank You, Circle Drive Family!

Today marks 13 years that Kathy and I have called Circle Drive our "home." I wanted to write personally to tell this wonderful church family, "I (we) love you!" What an honor, privilege, and joy it has been (and continues to be!)to serve JESUS and you as lead pastor. I praise our LORD JESUS for all He has taught me through these years in serving here. His grace has been and continues to be rich, abundant, abounding, and all-sufficient. I have enjoyed the friendship of our pastor emeritus, Dr. Louis Adkison, who faithfully served as senior pastor at Circle for 32 years. He and his wife, Sara, are a wonderful team for CHRIST. I also love and appreciate our amazing staff! These men and women are incredible - a wonderful blessing to my life. They possess humility, and demonstrate it through their actions! GOD has indeed blessed us with His very best! In these 13 years, whenever I have asked anything of you, church family, you have generously given. Wherever I have led(under the leadership of the HOLY SPIRIT), you have willingly followed. You are a most remarkable people of GOD! Through these years, I have rejoiced with you - I have wept with you. I have visited in your homes. I have enjoyed times of fellowship with you at the church building. You are the most wonderful people. I love you, the people of GOD called Circle Drive Baptist Church. AND I AM INCREDIBLY EXCITED ABOUT OUR FUTURE TOGETHER - MOVING TOWARD TOTAL CAMPUS RELOCATION!!