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A New Message Series for September

This Sunday I launch a new message series titled "Gospel-Centered Spiritual Disciplines."

Many people in today's culture embrace the phrase "I am a spiritual person."  But just what is a person's definition of that word "spiritual"?

  • Some people believe spirituality is taking the time to focus on personal reflection and quietness;
  • Some people believe spirituality is the conscious effort to live according to certain life's principles;
  • Some people believe spirituality is the thoughtful consideration of issues like the environment or nuclear disarmament;
  • Still other people believe spirituality is the devotion to a specific deity or deities.

Unfortunately, these perceptions of spirituality are not Biblically based.  I agree with this recent quote from Dr. Rick Warren:  "Saying 'I am a spiritual person' is easy.  Modern spirituality's self-centered and narcissistic.  Following JESUS is hard."

Christian spiritually is the result of a new spiritual life GOD creates in one's soul when he/her repents of his/her sin and believes on JESUS.  In other words, Christian spirituality is the result of one's response to the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST.

Spirituality begins at the moment of one's salvation, and continues as an aspect of a believer's sanctification.  I Timothy 4:7 promotes this theme:  "Train yourself for godliness."  Now this type of training that promotes godliness (i.e., Christian spirituality) is spiritual training.  The Biblical and practical way to "train yourself for godliness" is focusing on the "spiritual disciplines."  When we focus on these spiritual disciplines, we pursue godliness.

So, just what are these gospel-centered spiritual disciplines?  The September message series answers this question.  So be sure to attend weekly to discover how you can become a more spiritual Christian.  Be sure to invite others to come with you!!